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We seek help across eight workstreams with the goal of securing the modernization of Druid Hills High School. 

Community Partnership – Reach out to other schools impacted by district decisions, while not losing sight of DHHS modernization goal. Keep community apprised of efforts. Be deliberate in cultivating relationships with all new potential board members.

Alumni Engagement – Reach to alumni to keep them apprised and engaged in helping us toward the goal. Engage them in the various workstreams/committees as appropriate.

Public Relations/Publicity – Coordinate press requests, messaging, and talking points, including student efforts; promote messaging on social media; keep list of those to be interviewed.

Facilities Long-term – Investigate and qualify the extent of space, health, safety and security issues as well as pertinent regulatory bodies or third parties to engage. Make recommendations as appropriate.

Facilities Short-term – Understand and promote short term student demands, ahead of next school year (e.g., (1) HVAC, (2) Restrooms, (3) Wifi (4) Weight Room Rust, etc. (5) Roofs); Stay on top of current work orders; assist in the creation of any necessary new ones. Get work done by all means necessary.

Finance – Investigate budget situation to understand implications for us and others; research debt financing options and feasibility; confirm 75% reimbursement  

Legal – Research various questions that arise to understand options – submit open record requests on behalf of the Task Force

Governance – Understand board accountability, authorizing bodies, best practice org structure and practices; to develop a point of view on longer-term changes.


We are profoundly disappointed in the DeKalb County School Board's decision at Monday, April 18's Board Meeting to NOT follow their professional contractor's recommendation to invest $60MM to renovate and modernize Druid Hills High School (DHHS). 


In a stunt that appeared preplanned by certain Board members, an alternative plan was proposed, quickly voted on, and approved without any discussion of the costs, realistic timing, or implications to NOT follow the recommendations of Perkins & Will, the agency that DCSD paid $2MM of taxpayer money to make recommendations.


The new plan revealed by Region 1 Board Member Anna Hill denies Druid Hills High School modernization and instead takes a band-aid approach to all schools by spreading the money to address Priority 1, Priority 2, and Priority 3 issues at each school, without any consideration to the myriad of other factors that went into Perkins & Will's thoughtful recommendations. This overly-simplistic approach does not take into account the fact that Druid Hills is the oldest facility in DeKalb County, dating back to the 1920s, with unique problems no other facility in DeKalb County experiences. 


The DHHS campus is riddled with outdated plumbing, systemic water damage, and electrical safety issues that were beyond the scope of what the agency could report. Board Member Hill's plan would approve $1.1MM for her very own Dunwoody High School with a facility score of 82%, to address Fire & Safety Priority 1 issues, but only provide $3,590 to replace Emergency Exit signs at DHHS, with a facility score of 69%. The current assessment of DHHS Fire & Safety issues ignores the fact there is NO ACCESS for fire trucks or emergency vehicles to get to the entire back end of the campus due to a narrow 10.5' one-way lane - which could be addressed in a modernization plan. 


We do not need more band-aids - we need leadership from the DeKalb School Board to find meaningful solutions to address DHHS issues and all of our failing DeKalb schools. 


The next meeting of the Red Devil Task Force is Monday, May 16th, 7:00 pm. All advocates for Druid Hills High School are welcome.  

The Red Devil Task Force is an activated and volunteer-run group advocating for the renovation and modernization of Druid Hills High School.

Our Druid Hills High School (DHHS) building is crumbling on the inside. Years of neglect by the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) have left the campus riddled with problems from outdated plumbing and electrical issues to security and safety concerns. DHHS was recommended for a $52M renovation and modernization by the DCSD Board of Education’s own consultants, Perkins & Will. Logically, DHHS was then put on the Priority List of renovation and modernization projects as part of the District’s 10-year Comprehensive Master Plan.


However, on Feb. 25 our own school board REMOVED DHHS from this list, thwarting all hope that the building would be appropriately renovated and made suitable for student learning, health, and safety. DHHS was the ONLY school project removed from the list, against the Perkins & Will recommendation. 


We must get our school back on the Priority List. To do this we must (1) pressure DCSD Board Members to reverse their decision and (2) galvanize our community to demand better educational facilities for our students, teachers, and staff.


One way we are accomplishing these 2 goals is by sharing a video made by some very brave DHHS students showing the conditions of the school.


We are imploring news outlets and all stakeholders on social media to #ModernizeDHHS by sharing this video that reveals the harsh truth of the conditions in which our students and teachers must learn in every day.

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