The Red Devil Task Force was formed in late February as a result of the DCSD Board of Education removing DHHS from its Facility Priority List: 


  • DHHS is a 90+-year-old campus composed of 7 buildings from various eras, from the 1920s to the 2000s

  • Our campus has the oldest educational facilities still in use in the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) system


  • This Frankensteined-together approach has created a campus with multiple space, security, health, and safety issues that have been ignored over the years


  • The DHHS campus requires a Remodel and Modernization to bring us at minimum to a standard of what DCSD has provided all other Dekalb high schools.



  • Perkins & Will estimated a DHHS Remodel & Modernization at $60MM among the priority list of County facility projects.


  • On Feb. 25, 2022 the DCSD Board of Education voted 4 to 2 to remove DHHS from the facility priority list submitted to the State of Georgia (WATCH THE MEETING HERE, facility discussion starts at 12:00)

    • Voted to Remove DHHS from the Priority List: DaCosta, Hill, Pierce, Turner (Chair)​

    • Voted to Keep DHHS on the Priority List: Gevertz, Orson

    • Absent from Meeting: Morley

    • Non-voting Member: Superintendent Watson-Harris


  • DHHS was THE ONLY project removed from the priority list by the DCSD Board of Education 

  • You can watch the Board's discussion on this critical topic HERE

    • Facilities discussion starts around 0:47

    • Initial topic of DHHS Modernization begins around 0:56

    • Important option for potential additional funding to help DHHS modernization and other Cluster school priorities begins around 1:01

    • Region 2 Rep. Marshall Orson's advocacy for DHHS modernization begins at 1:05:59 and the resulting alternative plan read by Region 1 Rep. Anna Hill follows.  


  • NEXT TASK FORCE MEETING: ​​​June 27, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

While the adults were talking, brave DHHS students SPRANG into action and created this video: 

Their video was viewed more than 35,000 times in its first week online and continues to garner views and media attention!

Archive of Media Articles & Pertinent Documents

5-12-2022 "State School Superintendent orders DeKalb School Board to fix Druid Hills High" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt and Sarah Amis

5-12-2022 "New DeKalb Schools facilities repair plan may perpetuate old problems" Decaturish article by Sarah Amis

05-11-2022 "DeKalb School Board fired superintendent during investigation that exonerated her" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt

05-11-2022 "Poor conditions at Lakeside High School in DeKalb County" 11Alive news story

05-10-2022 "More Dekalb County schools demand renovations" CBS46 news story

05-10-2022 "DeKalb school board approves building plan without Druid Hills update" AJC article by Cassidy Alexander and Josh Reyes

05-08-2022 "Some DeKalb School Board members tardy filing their financial disclosures" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt

05-02-2022 "Former DeKalb Schools COO files whistleblower lawsuit, alleges retaliation by former superintendent" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt

05-01-2022 "DeKalb School Board member Anna Hill addresses skeptical crowd in Dunwoody" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt

05-01-2022 "DeKalb County School District to pay $650,000 for two superintendent salaries" Decaturish article

04-30-2022 "DeKalb parent: School board shattered district into pieces" AJC Get Schooled Blog by Maureen Downey

04-29-2022 "‘Right this ship’ – Mayors sign letter supporting reform of the DeKalb County School Board" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt

04-29-2022 "DeKalb mayors join chorus decrying school district ‘chaos’" AJC article by Tyler Estep

04-29-2022 "In DeKalb school district, a revolving door of superintendents" AJC article by Cassidy Alexander and Josh Reyes

04-29-2022 "DeKalb School Board meeting to approve contract for interim superintendent goes off the rails" Decaturish article

04-28-2022 "Local elected officials put political pressure on DeKalb School Board members over superintendent firing" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt

04-28-2022 "UPDATE: Notice for DeKalb School Board sent to newspaper, but was ‘not requested to be published’" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt

04-28-2022 "DeKalb commissioners rescind support for school board member’s reelection" AJC article by Tyler Estep

04-28-2022 "Meeting where DeKalb School Board fired superintendent may have been illegal" article

04-28-2022 "DeKalb County superintendent previously informed her contract wouldn't be renewed, according to state senator" 11Alive news story by Joe Henke

04-27-2022 "Gov. Brian Kemp 'highly concerned' over firing of DeKalb County Schools superintendent" FOX-5 news story by Brian Hill

04-27-2022 "DeKalb Superintendent was kicked out of school board’s virtual meeting before being fired" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt

04-27-2022 "Kemp ‘concerned’ DeKalb superintendent’s firing is about politics" AJC article by Cassidy Alexander

04-27-2022 "State superintendent refers DeKalb Schools complaint to AG, again threatens to cut off state building funds" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt

04-27-2022 "Opinion: In firing school chief, DeKalb board squanders moment" AJC OpEd by Maureen Downey

04-27-2022 "Who is Vasanne Tinsley, interim DeKalb County school superintendent?" AJC article by Cassidy Alexander

04-27-2022 "DeKalb School Board introduces interim superintendent, says district is ready for change" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt

04-27-2022 "DeKalb CEO decries school district turmoil in state of county speech" AJC article by Tyler Estep

04-27-2022 "Former DeKalb school superintendent says she was blindsided by firing" AJC article by Cassidy Alexander

04-26-2022 "Editorial: It’s time for local leaders to save DeKalb County Schools from its school board" Decaturish OpEd by Dan Wisenhunt

04-26-2022 "State Sen. Elena Parent asks governor, state superintendent to investigate DeKalb County Schools" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt

04-26-2022 "UPDATE: DeKalb County School District fires superintendent" Atlanta Intown article by Sammie Purcell

04-26-2022 "DeKalb County school board fires Superintendent Cheryl Watson-Harris" AJC article by Cassidy Alexander

04-26-2022 "(BREAKING) DeKalb County School Board fires superintendent" Decaturish article

04-26-2022 "Board chair: Druid Hills High problems fall on DeKalb superintendent" AJC article by Cassidy Alexander

04-26-2022 "Druid Hills parent: DeKalb school board ignores decades of neglect" AJC Get Schooled guest column by David Huntington

04-26-2022 "DeKalb School Board responds to state superintendent’s letter, points finger at superintendent" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt

04-26-2022 "Accreditation report hints at divisions on DeKalb School Board; legislators weigh options" Decaturish article by Dan Wisenhunt

04-25-2022 "Druid Hills High School students push for better school conditions; 1950 Census records are now available to the public" WABE A Closer Look with Rose Scott radio show segment by Martha Dalton. DHHS story begins at 13:00.

04-25-2022 "Exclusive: State Schools Superintendent sends scathing letter about Druid Hills High" article by Dan Wisenhunt

04-25-2022 "Georgia school superintendent says DeKalb mishandled Druid Hills High" AJC article by Cassidy Alexander

04-23-2022 "Atlanta students call out dangerous school conditions" FOX News national newscast by Lawrence Jones 

04-22-2022 "Students meet with DeKalb superintendent about conditions of Druid Hills High School" WSB-TV news story by Tyisha Fernandes

04-22-2022 "DeKalb County superintendent asks for ‘grace’ on school repairs plan" AJC article by Cassidy Alexander.

04-21-2022 "NEWS BRIEF:  Druid Hills High will not be fixed, school board says" Creative Loafing article by CL News Staff

04-21-2022 "Future of $2 million DeKalb County Schools master plan in doubt following Druid Hills High dustup" article by Sara Amis

04-21-2022 "Deplorable Conditions at Local High Schol Prompt Community Response" Eagle Eye Book Shop's Book Corner blog by Finn Smith-Ruttan. 

04-21-2022 "Editorial: DeKalb School Board cuts off its nose to spite its face" editorial by Dan Wisenhunt

04-19-2022 "DeKalb school board votes for system-wide repairs over 'modernizing' Druid Hills High" WABE article by Martha Dalton. WABE Story of the Week.

04-19-2022 "DeKalb school board favors districtwide fixes over Druid Hills repairs" AJC article by Josh Reyes

04-18-2022 "BREAKING: DeKalb BOE rejects Druid Hills High proposal in favor of district-wide repairs" article by Sarah Amis

04-16-2022 "Students make video to prove their high school needs repairs" AP article by Jeff Martin

04-16-2022  "Druid Hills High School conditions: Superintendent responds to student video" FOX5 Atlanta news story by Brian Hill 

04-15-2022 "OPINION: Druid Hills Video casts light on racial and regional debate" AJC OpEd by Bill Torpy

04-14-2022 "Georgia officials sending team to Druid Hills High after student video" AJC article by Ty Tagami

04-14-2022 "OPINION: Alarming Druid Hills Video suggests deeper problems" AJC OpEd by Maureen Downey

04-13-2022 "State DOE facilities team will visit Druid Hills High following reports of health and safety issues" article by Dan Wisenhunt

04-13-2022 "Dekalb Schools to revisit Druid Hills renovations after student video" AJC article by Josh Reyes and Cassidy Alexander

04-13-2022 "Superintendent responds after students expose ‘disgusting’ conditions at Druid Hills High" CBS46news story by Zac Summers

04/13-2022 "Following TV news reports, DeKalb superintendent says fixes for Druid Hills High on the way" article by Dan Wisenhunt 

04-13-2022 Letter to DHHS Community from DCSD Superintendent Ms. Cheryl Watson-Harris (PDF)

04-12-2022 "DeKalb BOE will reconsider decision on Druid Hills High renovations after video draws outrage" article by Dan Wisenhunt

04-12-2022 "Druid Hills High School students concerned over conditions inside building" FOX5 Atlanta news story by Brian Hill 

04-12-2022 "Druid Hills H.S. students, parents raise concerns about sub-par school conditions" CW69 news story by CW69 News at 10 

04-12-2022 "Students make video of deteriorating conditions at Dekalb high school including mold, sewage" WSBTv news story by Tyisha Fernandes

04-12-2022 "Druid HIlls High School students expose mold, crumbling walls, sewage leak at school" 11Alive news story by Kaitlyn Ross

04-12-2022 "Druid Hills High students expose ‘disgusting’ conditions, want renovations" CBS46news story by Zac Summers

04-11-2022 " 'Scared to touch the sink' - Druid Hills High Students publish video showing school's poor condition" article by Dan Wisenhunt

04-01-2022 "DeKalb County Schools said ‘non-flushable items’ caused sewage back up at Druid Hills High" article by Dan Wisenhunt 

03-31-2022 "Sewage backups disrupt learning at Druid Hills High; school recently removed from renovation list" article by Dan Wisenhunt

03-15-2022 "Druid Hills High parents take over public comments at DeKalb School Board meeting" article

03-09-2022 "Druid Hills High parents ask why school renovation was removed from district’s project list" article

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