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A social club sharing anime and gaming hobbies

Sponsors: Mr. Taylor Hickey & Ms. Zoe Rascoe

The purpose of the Druid Hills High School Black Student Union (BSU) is to promote diversity and equity within the DHHS community, increase awareness and appreciation for African American issues, history, and culture and provide outlets and activities to encourage student unity. Our goal is to promote academic excellence and increase awareness of scholastic and service opportunities available to our diverse community of students.

Follow the Instagram handle @DHHSBSU for more information.

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Sponsors: Ms. Traci Roberson & Ms. Moore

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We're a club where students can gather to play engaging strategy, card, and party games with other students. We meet weekly after school, sometimes at lunch. We take field trips to game conventions around Atlanta. All students are welcomed to join.

Sponsor: Mr. Mondo Davis

Is it even possible for a journal, sketchbook, scrapbook, and planner to all be rolled into one? YES! A bullet journal is the perfect way to track goals and stay on top of schoolwork while also documenting what happens in your life in a creative way. Join Bullet Journal Club to learn how to apply this amazing system to your life!

Sponsor: Ms. Kendra Radcliffe

Bullet Journal Club
Cafe Fracaais.png

An informal French language café space. Come talk about all things French and Francophone, see some familiar faces, and hone your conversational skills. N'oubliez pas le café (ou le thé !)

Sponsor: Mme. Lauren Ponta

The purpose of the club is to create awareness of environmental issues, such as protection, conservation, preservation, and restoration, with an emphasis on educating and empowering students.

Sponsor: Ms. Marcella Danner

Environmental Club.jpg
Film Club.jpg

Film club is a student-led organization, in which teens explore and educate themselves on various styles of film, and film-related genres. Students will critique films and even make their own. Film Club allows students to explore deep, and experimental concepts within the film environment, whilst expressing themselves and discovering new creative origins.

Sponsor: Ms. Chayce Canty (student)

This club works to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills needed to pursue 21st century opportunities. Our vision is to reach gender parity in computing and technology sectors. No prior coding knowledge is necessary - all levels are welcome!

Sponsor: Ms. Marcella Danners

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thumbnail_2019-11-13 10.13.38 - Matthew

This is our 3rd year running the Druid Hills Hiking Club. We meet twice a month to plan field trips to different state parks or local hiking trails. We have hiked places like Panola Mountain and Sweetwater Creek. Additionally we went on a field trip to Stone Summit Rock Climbing Gym and hope to return in the future. Our field trips occur during school hours. It is a great place to meet fellow outdoor minded students.

Follow the Instagram handle @druid_hills_hiking_club for more information

Sponsor: Mr. Matt Ruben

The DHHS International Club has been an active club at out school for the last 15 years +. The Club's main goal is to support and promote cultural diversity at Druid Hills.

Sponsor: Ms. Alexandra Soares-Salivia

Image by Christine Roy
IB World School.png

This is the organization for IB Diploma Programme students. The International Baccalaureate organization strives to develop students who will build a better world through intercultural understanding and respect. The DP Programme is the two-year culmination of students' K-12 educational career.

Sponsor: Ms. Anne Bracewell

This is the organization for pre-IB Programme parents and students.

Sponsor: Ms. Anne Bracewell

DP Programme Model.png
IB Learner Profile.png

Are you in IB? Do you want a place to connect with people and study for your classes? We're IB Meets, and we can help you do just that. Since this semester is online, we've created an online club where you can access Zoom study meetings and become part of a group of people going through the same classes. We're here to support you and help you thrive.

Convener: Ms. Katherine Rosinski (student)

Kiwanis International Key Club is a community service organization dedicated to serving the community and even the world. Key club is the oldest and largest high school led volunteer and service organization. Key club participated in a number of volunteer events and community service activity to promote integrity, generosity, kindness. Joining Key Club will introduce you to a world of opportunity and possibility.

Sponsor: Ms. Kendra Radcliff

Key Club

DHHS Mentoring Program

Mentor Program.jpg

The Druid Hills Mentoring Program is a student led program focused on unity, strength, and helping students through this hard time. Upperclassmen get a chance to guide and mentor a rising freshman/ sophomore during their high school career. Mentors help with stress management, school related advice, and helping mentees navigate high school life and curriculum during this uncertain time. The Mentor program allows both the mentor and mentee to foster growth, and develop helpful relationships. The links attached will take you to two links; the Mentor application for Upperclassmen and the Mentee sign up for underclassmen. Join, and make 2020 a great year.

Sponsor: Mr. Willilam Palmer

Convener: Ms. Chayce Canty (student)

Model United Nations Club supports student participation in Model UN Conferences. DHHS Model UN will participate in Emory’s Virtual Model UN conference this fall and will plan for future conferences later in the year. Known as “delegates”, Model UN participants represent countries. Before conferences, delegates conduct research, formulating their positions to draft policy proposals. At conferences, delegates debate issues with fellow delegates in committee, staying true to the actual position of their nation. At the end of a conference, the delegates will vote on draft resolutions, hoping to pass them via majority vote. Top delegates receive awards for their work.

Sponsor: Mr. Nicholas Burgess

Model UN
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We are a National Honor Society that places importance on recognizing students' outstanding abilities in visual art while fostering artistic excellence by developing creative habits and increasing art awareness. We do this by hosting workshops, participating in community projects, taking field trips and offering portfolio preparation. We are a student-leadership driven society composed of five positions. These five positions work closely together and function as a whole to meet the needs of NAHS.

Sponsors Ms. Staci Allen & Ms. Lydia Shiver

FUN, DYNAMIC & ENERGETIC group designed to inspire all high school students to know that they are Worthy, Important, Capable, and an IMPORTANT part of society. We Focus on Mind (breakout sessions on current life issues), Body (Fitness with our mentor and Certified Trainer: Mrs. Jackson), and  Soul (speakers relevant to the challenges of today) Our theme is "Perfect JUST AS I AM" and our colors are Pink, White, and Black.

Sponsor: Ms. Gloria Jackson

Pink Lotus.png

Since our Unit's Commissioning in 1996, the Instructors and Cadets of Druid Hills High School NJROTC have striven to live up to the Navy's core values of "Honor, Courage, and Commitment". Located in DeKalb County School District, the Druid Hills High School Navy JROTC Unit endeavors to instill in cadets knowledge of leadership, honor, and patriotism. We are proud of our extremely supportive school and community, and strive to stay active with school and community service projects.

Visit our website for more information

Sponsor: LTCOL Clarence Mariney

Political Activism Committee

The Druid Hills Political Activism Club, is a nonpartisan group that discusses and holds conversation about social and political topics prevalent within our community and the world as a whole. The group will hold open conversations about a variety of topics and even invite guest speakers within Georgia legislation and other students from a variety of different backgrounds and political affiliations. The political activism club is a place for discussion, education, and innovation.

Sponsor: Mr. Jacob Bornstein

Project Lit - Zoe Rascoe.jpg

Project LIT Community is a grassroots network of book groups that aims to get students excited about reading by highlighting diverse, high-interest, culturally relevant books, with a focus on social justice and equality.

Sponsor: Ms. Zoe Rascoe

Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl is a competition where teams read books from a list put out and in the competition they go against other schools and are asked questions from the books and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams goes to state competition. The actual competition takes place in February. Reading Bowl is the perfect place for those who love to read and enjoy competition. We also create a strong bond as a team.

Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

Sponsor: Ms. Zoe Rascoe

Drama Club

The dhhs drama club! We put on spring musicals to bring liveliness and creativity to the school. We serve as a creative outlet for students of all ages, and wish to improve the school environment

Sponsor: Ms. Alicia Norton

This is our inaugural year of having a broadcasting class/morning show here at Druid Hills. The class is taught during 4th period and follows the humanities pathway. We will be run stories and video packages on Athletics and Student life to unite the school. We are always looking for more students to join and assist with the program.

Follow the instagram handle @Red_Devil_TV for more information

Sponsor: Mr. Matt Ruben

Red Devil TV

The Robotics team is under the umbrella of Technology Student Association. We meet on Monday and Thursday after school. We will meet other days as needed.

Sponsor: Mr. Shannon Miller

Robotics Team.jpg

At the Runes: Revived Literary Magazine, we try to showcase the literary and visual artistic works of our talented student body. We accept all forms of art, including short stories, essays, poetry, drawings, paintings, photography, digital art, and so much more. Submit at our website or join the Runes: Revived family, where you can help design and edit upcoming editions!

Sponsor: Mr. Sam Brown

Runes Revived Lit Magt.png
Spanish Club

Spanish Club is a cultural club dedicated to learning about Spanish, and Spanish adjacent culture. Spanish club focuses on all countries that speak the Spanish language and will educate through movies, games, and cultural foods. Whether you speak Spanish, French, or Mandarin, Spanish club is a place to broaden your cultural horizons.

Sponsor: Sra. Rebecca Valdez

The DHHS speech and debate team participates in competitions throughout the state. Debate competitions have a heavy focus on research and providing evidence based argumentation. Debate is very structured; this is not a club where you show up and debate about random topics. This year's debate topic is criminal justice reform. In addition, there are many different types of speech activities that students can choose to participate in. Please note, for the 2020 - 2021 school year, practices and competitions will be online until further notice.

NSDA - Brett Flater.png

Sponsor: Mr. Brett Flater

Student Government Association

Student Government Association is a student-led club dedicated to pro boring school unity and inclusion. Student Government Association (SGA) plans school-wide events, activities, and more. Because school looks different this year it is more prevalent than ever that your voice is heard, and with SGA it will be. Join us and make Druid Hills even more amazing.

Sponsor: Mr. William Palmer

Students for Health Equity (SHE) is a new club at Druid Hills, started in 2020. It aims to address the health disparities that various communities face. As a few examples, we will work to make sure that all women, regardless of where they live or their socioeconomic background, have access to adequate feminine products. We will educate people on the benefits of and ways to access the HPV vaccine, and we will learn about and work to remedy the disparities in Covid treatment in our country.

Image by visuals

Sponsor: Ms. Carrie Staines

IMG_7071 - Shannon Miller.PNG

The Georgia Technology Student Association (TSA) is committed to providing students with opportunities to excel and advance. The Georgia Technology Student Association strives to meet and exceed the expectations of its membership. Two diverse groups, chosen by their peers, make up our State Officer team and Advisory Council. These two groups are charged with planning, organizing, and participating in GA TSA yearly activities. Anyone can join.

Sponsor: Mr. Shannon Miller

An opportunity to discuss the harvest of the month, health observances, and fun ways to take care of ourselves.

Sponsor: Ms. Jamie FitzStevens

Image by Jeremy Thomas
Young Physicians Initiative.png

The Young Physicians Initiative is a program that provides a positive and engaging mentorship experience for students who are interested or curious about becoming a doctor in the future. Students participate in monthly gatherings where they get to experience what is like to be a doctor as they piece through medical cases while being guided by current medical students. Additionally, participants will be provided with the necessary support and guidance to develop a structured plan and direction to achieve their goals if they want to embark on the medical school track.

Sponsor: Dr. Eva Van de Water

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